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Public Shows Sussex Functions, Are you looking for a professional, full time recommended magician for county shows Sussex or public events and functions?.

Hire Magic OZ for those who are organizing a special public event, fetes or fairs and need to get to the next level.

Magic OZ.

Tel: 07974 357 911 – 0208 549 9234

Magic OZ is a passionate magician whose life revolves around creating innovative magic and entertaining people. He has a charming personality an easy rapport with your guests and an infectious talent that spreads cheer and happiness to all. He has started working professionally since 1996 and has vast experience, he has acquired over many years which has helped him understanding the best way to wok a crowd at your Public Shows Sussex Functions.

Fetes Fairs Sussex Expertise of Magic OZ is he is a member of the renowned Magic Circle, he is a full equity member as well. He has organized numerous corporate events, family private parties, trade shows and has worked as Master of Ceremonies, corporate close up magician, and charity auctioneer in Sussex, Oxfordshire, London, Surrey and Kent. His clients range from large business companies, Hotels to small scale charity organizations and private shows to Public Shows Functions across Sussex.

Sussex Public Events Functions

Special Events, Public Events Functions.

As one of the highly recommended County Shows Sussex today, Magic OZ possesses the expertise in conducting an extensive range of events.

These include: Garden parties, Charity fundraisers, Public events and Private parties, Corporate cabaret shows, Fetes and Fairs in Sussex.

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Public Shows Functions around Sussex.

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Public Shows in Sussex.